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Cisco Module Programs

As a normal consumer of windows, there could be a time when you’re going through installed programs on your computer, and you may encounter one of these apps — Cisco (EAP-FAST Module, Cisco Leap Module, Cisco PEAP Module). The following name is isuspm.exe for its jump module app.

Cisco Module Programs include:

  • EAP-FAST (Extensible Authentication Protocol-Flexible Authentication via Secure Tunneling)
  • PEAP (Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol)
  • LEAP (Lightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol)

You may wonder what exactly are these programs? Are these secure for your PC or Laptop, and if you uninstall it uninstalling, it’s going to make any problem? Do not worry. We in Ninja Programs will provide you all your answers now.

Now that you’ve decided how to encrypt the data going over your network, we now need to think about how we authenticate people to be able to use the wireless network.

What is Cisco Leap Module?

An 802.1X verification type for wireless LANs (WLANs) that supports secure verification between the applicant and RADIUS server using a login password as the shared key called as “Cisco LEAP module”, launched in December 2000 as a strategy to rapidly enhance all in all safety of Wireless LAN verification.

It offers active users, every period passwords too. This app can be installed on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 surroundings running a PC or Laptop. Cisco LEAP module grabs the edge of the standard 802.1X structure. It was the forerunner in presenting EAP support for Wireless LANs.

One of the nice things about the Cisco Leap Module, and the reason that it’s called lightweight, is that you don’t have to set up any digital certificates whatsoever. There’s no PKI involved. You simply use passwords and you’re able to communicate between your authentication methods and your wireless access points.

This is based on Microsoft CHAP, which means that the information being sent between these devices has a few security shortcomings. A large amount of this traffic is in the clear. Even if it’s being hashed, you’re still able to see it without any special type of encryption going by.

So most people think, eh, they would like a little more encryption on their wireless network, especially for their authentication. Most of the time then, you’d be implementing something like PEAP, which stands for the protected extensible authentication protocol.

This was created by Cisco and Microsoft and RSA Security to come up with a way to encrypt all of this communication. That’s very much a standard and network across many different wireless devices.

What this essentially does is create a TLS tunnel. Most people think of this as an SSL tunnel, which means you only need a certificate on the authentication server. And that way the authentication communication is all encrypted within that tunnel.

USES Of Cisco Leap Module 

  • Non-Permanent networks for mobile or army works.
  • General access for external areas.
  • External framework for mobile networks and users.
  • Network connections within a courtyard.

Cisco Leap Module Download [Step By Step]

To Download & Install, Visit (follow the instructions given on the webpage) & Run the File.

cisco leap module

Should you remove the Cisco leap module?

of All, Ask the following three questions from yourself About Cisco Leap Module:
Perhaps you have joined to a domain? Perhaps you have used CISCO merchandise sooner? Are there any recent modifications made on the computer before this situation?
In case you have not utilized domain at any time and you aren’t utilizing Cisco products, you can proceed and uninstall cisco LEAP, Cisco EAP-fast, and Cisco PEAP also it won’t lead to any issue.

In Case you inadvertently discard Cisco modules in the computer then it will not provoke any difficulty because Cisco LEAP or PEAP is a WiFi Extention protocol, seldom employed nowadays, and just in certain bigger company/education wireless programs. If you actually need it (which is improbable ), re-installing the WiFi applications for your pc should accomplish that.

Summarized All about Cisco Leap Module

That is it for the article. We hope you have complete details about what’s Cisco jump (isuspm.exe), EAP-fast, and PEAP modules and the way they work and in the event, you remove it from the computer. We hope you found this informative article insightful. Share this article with your buddies so they can learn about this also.